More Variety. 1.2.7

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We are aware that AKI 1.6.0 have a lot of problems. Currently the development is really busy on AKI 2.0.0 for 12.11 and update. We advise you to not use 1.6.0 unless you accept to play with a lot of issues.
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Have fun!

Brings more variety into bots. Includes MoreFactions, ScavVariety, EnhancedPlayerScav and BossesOnAllMaps!

The main idea of the MoreVariety mod is to bring more variety into bots. For this reason following mods were made:

1) MoreFactions - Adds 3 new bots which have a configurable chance to replace regular PMCs while also spawning as independent squads.

-BEAR: RUAF (Russian Armed Forces) and Remnants (Remnants of Tarkov's Police and Security forces).

-USEC: UNTAR (UN Forces).

2) ScavVariety- Raiders/Bosses have a configurable chance to replace regular scavs. Also adds a brand new follower to the Killa!

3) EnhancedPlayerScav - Allows player's scav to spawn as some other bot.

4) BossesOnAllMaps - Self-explanatory, with fully adjustable allowed maps and chances to spawn!

Every option of this mod optional and adjustable, you just need to enable/disable it in the config.

Planned features:

- Create some kind of Raider faction. (Not Black Division)

-CysticFibrosis for making USEC names.
-TactialToaster for making original MoreFactions.
-Senko-san for letting me use parts of his code.

Fully compatible with following bot mods:
-Terragroup Specialist
-My PMC loadouts

-Eresh's loadouts mod

Most likely not compatible, but not tested:

-Reider's Advanced Bots

-Fin's AI Tweaks


-CP's Spawn Rework (BossesOnAllMaps, MoreFactions Squads and New Followers won't work)

Not compatible:

-"Content From 12.11 Patch" mod

  • Version 1.2.7

    -fixed untar loadouts (aka "No spawn chance was defined" error)

  • Version 1.2.6

    -added support for sam's m1014 and MacrossMX's M14
    -moved additionalgear support to the mods itself

  • Version 1.2.5

    -added support for AdditionalGear - UNTAR Module

  • Version 1.2.4

    -added support for Carl's Q Honey Badger mod

  • Version 1.2.3

    Added support for M16, AWM, RPK-74N and AdditionalGear mods

  • Version 1.2.2

    -Reworked BossesOnAllMaps, old configs won't work
    -Updated Terragroup Specialist compatability

  • Version 1.2.1


    most of the mod's features didn't even worked cuz im a dumbass lol

    this should fix it

    no promises tho

    thanks to @Deathjohn for pointing it out

    now should actually-actually work

  • Version 1.2.0

    -Added New Factions squads on maps.

    -Reworked remnant faction. Now it has 3 "tiers": civilians, police/security and spec-ops.

    -NEW CONFIG OPTIONS: EnhancedPlayerScav and BossesOnAllMaps!

    -Added 12.10 gear


  • Version 1.1.2 (LATEST A7 RELEASE)

    Added 12.9 guns to UNTAR.

  • Any way to make it compatible with 12.11 content?

    Thank you

    • not from my side, no

  • About to test this mod with 1.6, I'll update this post if it works :) (or just reply)

    • Had raider in Factory so that work well. did have a Reshala minion in there tho with false for rushulu to spawn in factory. might just have been the guard and not him but cannot confirm i got 1 tapped. havent seen a untar/ruaf/remnant so far tho I havent met a pmc yet in a 30min raid so im kinda curious on if they spawn or not will do further testing.

    • Keep us posted

    • I am also curious as well if it fully works on 1.6.

    • I had untar and such to spawn on Bleeding edge so it most likely work on 1.6

  • will be update? this awesome mod

  • Will this work for 1.4.* or will we need to wait for an update?

    • no idea, sorry
      most likely will work tho

    • Hey! No worries! :)

  • I don't think these guys are shooting each other properly, or at least they hate me a whole lot more than they hate each other

    • i got a full gear with a full moded helmet that also protected my face , and got insta tap ed from outside when i looked in a window in dorms

    • I've seen BEAR and UNTAR run with each other and BEAR does nothing as UNTAR gun me down

  • Do these new bots have new behaviors or only new loadouts?

    • No new behaviours and they mostly use Raider AI, so they are harder than regular scavs

  • Not sure if this is intended but I don't seem to be able to sell off dogtags from UNTAR, even to Fence. I haven't gotten tags from the other added factions yet but it might also be the case for them.

    • Found some remnant tags and also unable to sell them. This is on a new account/character.

    • yea, it seems that the new tags haven't been put in the trader's list of buyable items.

  • Can you make it possible for us to rename your mod? I like to use your mod and Fin's AI Tweaks but the load order keeps Fin's mod from increasing the AI of your new factions. I have tried putting an a in front of MoreVariety as well as finding all instances within your js files but it seems you might have something hidden where we can't get to.

    • uhh, thats kinda a weird request lol
      also, i don't change the AI at all so it should work with fin's mod without any problems

    • Yea, Fin's mod doesn't really support your mod b/c your bots don't have difficulty entries within each bot.json. He is aware of it now so maybe he can assign a raider AI to followerKilla and PMC AI to the other bots. Also, Fin added some code to his mod so his can be renamed to load after yours, that is how we caught what was going on.

      All that to say...nevermind ;) And I really like your mod especially the ability to inject other bosses into all maps. I have Killa in Factory day and Glucose in Labs!

    • So quick question about your new bots. How are you assigning your bots AI? Basically, what AI is being assigned to followerkilla and the new PMC factions?

    • my bots (with exception of killafollower) use raider AI cuz they are literally just raiders with different set of gear and appearances
      so any raider AI changes automatically affects my bots
      killafollower on the other hand uses reshala's bois AI

  • Plus, the new clothes looks nice

    • For better versions of these clothes check out my other mod, additional clothing

  • Unexpected feature: turn your playerscav into boss

    • I've played as Sanitar yet

    • now i've tried Zhrec, the next is Glukhar

    • actually an expected feature, check the config file

    • Is that EnhancedPlayerScav? Sorry for my mistake

  • when i use the CP-Spawn Rework by icesugar the spawns are almost non existent even though the mod should be combatible?

  • please, do not use zalson suit as UNTAR uniform, 'cause that's the uniform of one of the Russian SPETZNAZ teams "Zalson"

    • i don't use the whole zaslon suit tho, only the pants

    • thanks. By the way, why would the BEAR be attacked by RUAF?

    • have you watched the RAID series? it doesn't look like RUAF likes Bears that much or any PMCs for that matter

    • sorry sir, I haven't. I heard from other Tarkov players that RUAF would help BEAR while UNTAR helps USEC, I might be informed wrong info

      sorry again

    • And I am looking forward to the new raider faction. Will the black faction be added?

  • I'm having a bit of an issue here. I enabled bosses on every map and set spawn rate to 100% and no bots spawn expect for the respected bots for that map. (reshala on customs, gluhar on reserve, etc).

  • Hello, sir. Since I haven't seen any confirmed pmcs of new faction due to my death rate, I wonder how are the new factions different to the original ones. Do they have some specific behaviour, or are their factions still displayed as USEC or BEAR? Thank you

  • Both giving me 404 errors.

  • 404 error if follow link

  • Please update to the most recent version of AKI!