Advanced Custom Weapons 1.4.1

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Have fun!

Tired of default modding ? Want more customized weapons ? Here you go, ACW is all you need by adding plenty of possibilities to gun modding

This is a weapons mod that adds customizations that should be in the game already, but BSG sucks! Nothing is going to be perfectly fitted, but it is clean enough. If you have suggestions feel free to let me know!


Current changes made by the mod:

  • General Additions
    • Added: SMG to holster
    • Added: weapons/grenades to Scav Junk box
    • Added: Mag box cell size increased to 64
  • MPX Additions
    • Added: .45 ACP FMJ to 30rnd, 41rnd, 50rnd mags
    • Added: foregrip picatinny rail to Midwest 4.5" M-LOK
    • Added: 2-15 ADAR wood stock and CQR tactical stock
    • Added: Advanced buffer tube
    • Added: MP7A1 20rnd, 30rnd, 40rnd mags
      • 4.6x30 ammunition !
  • AK Variants Additions
    • Added: AR Muzzles
    • Added: Tons of AK Muzzles now shared
  • M4A1 Additions
    • Added: 50rnd Glock mag
    • Added: 9x19mm ammunition
    • Added: 165mm 9x19 barrel(allows for integrated silencer)
    • Added: Burst function
    • Added: RSASS Handguards
    • Added: 2-15 Upper Receiver Fix
    • Added: Big Stick Glock mag
    • Added: More Barrels
    • Added: URX-4 Handguard
    • Added: Barsak Stock
    • Added: All MPX barrels

And a way more options, check the readme!

You need support ? Check the readme of the mod.

  • Version 1.4.1

    Updated the mod to 1.4

  • Version 1.4.0


    [Added] Mod version in console

  • Version 1.3.2


    [Updated] Updated the mod to use latest Core-mod version

  • Version 1.3.0

    Updated the mod to 1.0.0

  • Version 1.2.1


    [Added] Added my support guilded server in readme

    [Changes] Made it so the mod start in last in the mod order

    Now support wont happen anymore in comments section.

  • Version 1.2


    The mod now have a dependency, and the following mod needs to be installed with it: Ereshkigal-CoreMod

    Without that mod, Advanced Custom Weapons wont work.

    [Fixed] DT MDR(556 amd 762) the mp45 mount needs to be at the front sight slot, not the rear
    [Fixed] RPK-16 Bolt slot has m4 variant handguards for some reason, they got removed
    [Fixed] mp7a1/mp7a2 the mp45 mount needs to be at the front sight slot, not the rear
    [Fixed] Remove all restirctions for the CQR handguard

    * Full-auto at 500 ROF
    * x-47 drum mag
    * AR Muzzles
    [Added]SIG MCX:
    * AR Stocks
    * MP45 Mount on front sight
    [Added] Each weapon option now can be toggle on/off in a config file.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Is it possible to fix the MDR 308 so it gets additional 7.62 barrels instead of 5.56 barrels? I'm trying to edit the script but having no luck.

  • for me this mod dont work well. I mean no gamecrashing bugs. but options "like go brrrr" allows me to change type of fire to AUTO but its glitchy(one click is one bullet and few seconds of auto empty shells). also CQR restrictions dont work at all. still trying other options. i deleted all mods again and tried this mod + core on vanilla ... still same

  • Hello! I have a pretty peculiar problem. The mod works great! But the thing is, I can not put the glock mags in M4 as it is stated. It is a Colt Lower, it is big stick mags, and also tried to put the MPX barrel first, but that did not change a thing with mag. Still incompatible. Would love some help!

  • I can't remember if you were the author but a while back there was a mod that let you put HK416 upper on the M4 lower and vice versa. It also let you use the SI red buffer tube on the HK and made for some super lazery guns. Any chance you could bring that functionality back in either this mod or a new one?

  • what bout full auto for the stm9?

  • Muh homie, will you be doing any sort of update to this mod that allows the MK18 to take all AR-platform handguards and mags? I love putting M4 and AK attachments on the muzzle already. Also love the mod tremendously, its amazing