Colt M16A4 5.56x45 assault rifle 1.0.1

If you downloaded the game on any of the following website:

  • - skidrowreloaded
  • -
  • - steamunlocked
  • - igg-games
  • - PCGameTorrents
  • Or any other website outside of

Please delete it, and instead download the official game and the official version of SPT-Aki here.

No support will be given for those who downloaded it, and use it.

You may be banned if we find out that you used any of these copies.

A small number of M16A4s was donated to UNTAR mission by US Government, and someone else got a hand on them.

Well, I planned to add more content, but too bad I am not the person to innovate. Wanted to add 3 presets and actually add them to traders, but looks like I need someone else to do the homework so I can steal repurpose it.

This mod adds 6 items to the flea market: M16A4 lower (custom textures), KAC M5 RAS handguard and USGI A2 stock and handguard (all from Insurgency: Sandstorm), as well as 2 barrel options that are compatible with handguards (vanilla ones would definitely clip with handguards in gasblock area very noticeably). All custom parts are compatible with vanilla uppers, A2 stock requires Colt "A2" buffer tube.


  • Version 1.0.1

    Added the "hotfix" by JustNU, so no lower with custom textures for now. Hopefully not for long, but I become easily disheartened by errors like the one with this gun, so *shrugs*.

  • Version 1.0.0