AR Shoppe Mod 1.2

Download any EFT version outside of its official way can get you banned.
If we find out that you downloaded EFT on a pirate website you'll be banned without further informations.

You need to own the game to play AKI.

We are aware that AKI 1.6.0 have a lot of problems. Currently the development is really busy on AKI 2.0.0 for 12.11 and update. We advise you to not use 1.6.0 unless you accept to play with a lot of issues.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Have fun!

Adds a new trader, deals USD. Sells lots of AR mods. Inspired by Senko's Koko Hekmatyar trader.

This mod supports Miralyn's M16A4 and Carl's .300 Blackout. Does not require it but highly recommended.

  • Version 1.2

    Fixed up some assortments. Added euro to dollar transactions. Support for Miralyn's M16A4.

    Uxpro shop is coming, it comes with the download but optional to install.

  • Version 1.1

    Updated with 300blk ammo. Works with Carl's 300blk mod.

  • Version 1.0.1

    Works on A7 ( The 'mods' folder is now located in user/mods, create one!

    Added few parts that were missing, fixed the Noveske Diplomat iron sights.

  • Version 1.0.0