Fershte's Balanced Optics 1.0.0


Tired of making optics decisions based on ergo penalty instead of personal preference? Me too! I fixed it.

Tarkov's balance is built on the idea of "the rich get richer, the poor get shot."

This works for multiplayer, but for a single player game freedom of choice is important.

In vanilla, the red dot sights vary in ergo penalty from 0 to 6. Why? They're all basically the same, and what REALLY sets them apart is the way they look and feel, which really is enough to make the player choose the "right" option for them anyway. Why penalize further if you like the UH-1 more than the XPS3?

The Dragunov's PSO scope has a -7 ergo penalty, but when you use the ugly eyecup that totally ruins your field of vision that penalty drops to -2. Why did they balance it like that?

The Trijicon SRS and the Holosun red dot have the same reticle, but the holosun is four times worse for no apparent reason?

Well, frick that noise! Let's fix the balance!

This patch does something rather simple: each optic category's best possible value is now applied to the whole category.

That means that the 0 penalty from the PK-06 now applies to the RMR and its mounts (and all other micros and their mounts.)

The best full sized red dot, the Trijicon SRS's penalty of -1 is now standardized, and that weird shit with the Cobra having +1 ergo if you use the sight shade has now been corrected.

On that note, actually, eyecups, mounts, and other attachments no longer affect performance - the optic itself now has the cumulative ergo of the full set, so on the REAP-IR, instead of -1 for mount, -9 for optic, and +6 for eyecup, the REAP-IR itself has -4 penalty, with the other 2 parts doing nothing at all.

This whole mod was written because I was outraged to learn that the PSO scopes are over 70% better if you use the ugly eyecup, and that the RMR is the only micro red dot that has an ergo penalty, and for gods sake why is the la-rue sight riser decreasing your ergo when all it does is slightly change the height of the optic? A PK-06 with that is lower than a T-1 Micro with the high spacer, yet the T-1 receives no penalty. It's all fucking arbitrary and I hate it.

From this day forth, your optic choices are based on cosmetics, and magnification to fit your mission, rather than on min-maxing a completely arbitrary penalty.

Note: minimum penalty from any given category remains unchanged. So, if you're the type of person who worries that the EoTech 553 being -1 instead of -3 is game breaking, just remember you would probably be using the PK-06 at 0 penalty if you were truly performance minded.

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