Realtime Flea Market 1.0.0

BACKUP 0.12.10.(2).12102

Products sold on the flea market are updated in real time with the latest lowest price on

This mode ensures that the products sold in the flea market are constantly updated with the prices in the real game.

Products are updated thanks to the tarkov-market.

Updated products are stored on a free server with infrastructure. Therefore, there may be problems connecting to the server.

Note: This mod may not work properly if you are using another mod that changes the price of items.

  • Version 1.0.0

    • 2053 items are updated periodically.
    • Item prices are updated every 10 minutes.
  • Hi there,

    Are you planning to update this mod to 1.0.1, or do you want me to update it in my SellToFleaMarket mod?


    • Did you solve this with PM? would be dope if you could integrate it

    • No, I didn't get a response, so I just went on as per our earlier agreement (it's integrated in my mod, with mention of the original creator).

  • update plz

    • VeryGery's "Sell to Flea Market" mod has this mod integrated into it. This will most likely not get an update

    • Sorry, I replied to you before I saw what VeryGery said about his mod so yeah this mod does need an update

  • can you make this for B5 too please?

  • will this conflict with the mod "sell to flea market"?

  • The mod is great, can you create a mod for jet-tarkov as well?

  • any chance on an update?

  • Hey, I'm loving the mod so far. One thing I noticed is that prices for multi-part items like weapons are very far off of what they should be.

    The MP5 Kurz is a great example. Its a super cheap SMG, but for some reason, the end cap stock is 380k on Tarkov Market. Your mod appears to be looking at all of the parts to create an MP5 Kurz and adding them up to get the price of the weapon. As a result, the MP5 Kurz is 440k on the flea market with this mod installed.

    Similarly, an M4A1 is about 120k with your mod when a stock M4A1 is actually 58k on Tarkov Market. It is adding up all of the parts and pricing the item as the sum of all of its parts. This makes sense for the custom M4A1s like the Space Trooper, but it does not make sense for the base models of weapons.

    You can do this with any weapon. Vector 9mm is 150k with your mod, 85k on Tarkov Market, TX-15 DML is 76k on Tarkov Market, 450k with your mod.

    If you were to make the cost of the default weapon match what appears on Tarkov Market instead of adding up all of the individual parts, I think the pricing would be more realistic.

    Thanks for the fantastic mod!

    • Hey, thank you very much for your feedback.

      I understood the problem, but I have a little difficulty finding a solution.

      Because ID addresses of the items that do not have a plug-in and the items that have an add-on are the same. Since the prices in the online game are determined by the players, they can sell them for less than the total amount of add-ons.

      I will have to work for the solution. I hope I find a solution.

      I am really happy that you love the mod. Have fun!

  • Merhaba,

    sell to flea market modunu kulanıyorum. senin modunu da yüklediğimde fiyatlar değişmiyor. ikisi çakışıyor mu acaba bilgin var mı?

    • Merhaba, maalesef şuan ikisini birden verimli kullanmak mümkün değil, fakat "Sell to flea market" modunun yapımcısı bu modu kullanarak yakın bir zamanda güncelleme yapacak. O zaman sadece "Sell to flea market" modu ile değişken fiyat kullanımı mümkün olacak.

    • eyvallah sağolasın.

  • First of all: Great mod!

    Second: Am I allowed to use some of the code from this mod in my "Sell to Flea Market" mod, so it can update the prices as well?


    • Thank you. You can use it if you give reference! However, due to free server, I cannot guarantee it will always work properly.

      In addition, "Sell to Flea Market" mod is really fantastic!

  • Is there any way I can combine this with the other mod "Sell to flea market"? I mean, like removing the price config that it has? that's the only conflict they have

    • Sorry. It does not seem possible for now.