Lua's Custom Spawn Points 1.0

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We are aware that AKI 1.6.0 have a lot of problems. Currently the development is really busy on AKI 2.0.0 for 12.11 and update. We advise you to not use 1.6.0 unless you accept to play with a lot of issues.
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Time to make our own spawn points

Add More Spawn Points for Bot and Player

Mod is disabled by default, Check the config.json

:!: This mod requires at least EFT v12.11 and AKI 2.0.0:!:
:!: Do not use mods on Bleeding Edge unless you know what you're doing:!:

  • Since EFT v12.11, You can add spawn points on your own
  • There are limitation for adding spawn points
    • Check out !Readme/example.json for "how to add" details
  • You can make new folder in "config/spawnpoints" and make it as your own preset
    • there is a "Lua" folder as example preset
    • Please share your spawn points to each others for more randomness spawn points!
  • Beware to add spawn points on bad place
    • Bots on under water will be teleported to somewhere
      • For example, If bots move into customs bridge river will be teleport to default ZoneSnipeBrige location
    • Bots may not spawn in bad place
      • This might another issue for SPT 2.0.0-BleedingEdge but still you have to avoid this

Thanks for the tip justNU!

  • Version 1.0

    No download in hub for users as Bleeding Edge shouldn't be use mods

    If you know how to enable mods in BE and you know what you're doing?

    Please visit guilded instead

  • No download in hub for users as Bleeding Edge shouldn't be use mods
    If you know how to enable mods in BE and you know what you're doing?

    Please visit guilded instead

    • Well damn, I guess I was one of the lucky few!

      -I'm trying to read over the code to get some idea of what's possible.. It seems like we have to group any new spawn points we make into existing spawnZones, or are new spawnZones possible?

    • Yes, currently it only possible to add on existing spawnZones, justNU tried to mess with SpawnZone but its hard coded in assets.

  • That's fantastic... always wanted to place a sniper on dorms roof and make those "safe routes" around maps really dangerous. I'll definitely will prepare new spawns for Customs, because I hate it when you can run along north border collecting loot and knowing there will be no one around you.

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    • Yeah, Customs are really good to be place new snipers.

    • Same with Shoreline and new woods expansion...too easy to loot caches and survive

  • Where can I download mod-enabled AKI 2.0.0?

    • You have to build the server after modifying not just download.

      Please don't use mods on BE.

    • So, this is a modders resource, as of now?

    • For now, It does for modders and who can programming their self,

      Most likely devs don't like to be reported by mods problem on BE.

  • wow, great. When the next evolution would be "waypoints" for Bots this would be awesome.

    Then you could create BotSpawns for PMCs and tell them "if spawnpoint == BigRed" then "go RUAF, go Meidcal, Go ZB-013, Go OldGas, Go ZB1012, Go ZB1011" - so you can make them travel through maps - But I guess this is not possible, due to limitations of tarkov

    • Not implemented by BSG yet. They need to add waypoints and custom objectives for AI NPC factions first

    • yeah I know - that's why I said (but for sure not clear enough) "Evolution" - was not meant to the Mod-Creator.

      BUT, after thinking about it and thinking about my "live-experiences" the Waypoint stuff is maybe not needed directly.

      Mostly you have some typical spots where you fight and die/kill... Dorms, OldGas, NewGas, ZB1013, Medical, the Constructions etc...

      To have PMC Spawns exactly there could make it feel "live enough" and you can set these points for "PMC Bot only".

      Does someone know how the "group-spawns" work for bots? Are they taking the exact same spot (in this case the position) or alternating a little bit?

    • Spawns same spot and PMC bots are boss type in SPT, only one pmc is the boss and others are escort

    • maybe instead of waypoints, we can extend the radius the AI can roam so essentially giving them a bit of free will...

    • That should be hard coded in assets as well :notlikethis:

  • This mod looks very cool so far, I'm interested on seeing to use it on the next Aki-2.0.0 patch. This sounds like a game changing revolution mod right there.

  • Dude? Is it for real? Will we be able to finally populate empty areas on maps like most of the buildings on Reserve? This way we can finally make SPT almost like multiplayer experience!

    What does it mean though that:


    Currently it only possible to add on existing spawnZones, justNU tried to mess with SpawnZone but its too much hard coded in assets.

    Does it mean that new spawns have to be attributed to for example "ZoneScavBase" but some bots can actually spawn in let's say Crack House if I configure it in this way?

    • yes

    • Man if it's going to work well, then you are responsible for one of the major breakthroughs in Single Player Tarkov!

      I still have two questions:

      1. I heard from some modders that AI behaviour (like a little patrolling of the area and how far away they can chase the player) is strictly related to the spawn location. How does it look now? Are bots behaving generally normal no matter how far away from the default zone they spawn?

      2. What's the future of the mod? Will it be integrated with version 2.0.0 of AKI? Will it be relatively easy to configure some settings even for people without advanced coding skills?

    • 1. As far I seen from test, bots moving path is depend on nearest path which is hard coded in game assets, if there are no path for bots than they most likely not moving.

      However map has almost all path for everywhere, nothing to worry about it atm unless if you add spawn point like what I did on overview screenshot

      2. Never, It is easy enough to use without coding skills if you know how to read.

      This is the best I can do about it, I don't think there are easier way than this

  • is there a way someone who has mad skils can make a profile and load it into your mod with the spawn coordinates? (like all over the map!)

    Then we could randomise the spawns, actually wrandom - actually awesome!

    • Not sure what you're mean but this mod can make an spawn points preset your own and share to others

  • WHOA! Will this allow us to spawn AI PMC's into currently dead areas of maps. For example, can I spawn AI PMC's onto the second floor of shoreline resort east? Or in USEC camp on Woods?

    • Sure, as sniper scav in screenshot does

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