SPT-Aki Profile Editor 1.7

BACKUP 0.12.10.(2).12102

This tool let you edit your SPT-Aki profile easily. This let you edit everything you can find in your profile!

Program for editing player profile on the SPTarkov Server


  • Level, nickname, character voice
  • Switching between regular \ large pockets
  • Hideout building levels
  • Trader relationship levels
  • Quest statuses
  • Skill \ Mastering levels
  • Examined items
  • Removing \ adding items in stash (WIP), adding money
  • Import \ export \ removing weapon builds


  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Multilingual, with the ability to edit localization
  • Automatic backups every time you save your profile

This tool have been made by SkiTles55

Updated to SPT-Aki 1.0.0 by jbs4bmx

How to use it ?

* Extract the executable anywhere except in user/mods.

* Open the executable.

* Select your SPT-Aki Server folder

* Choose your account

* Validate

* Make the wanted edits

* Click the save button

  • Version 1.7

    Compatiblity update with SPT-AKI-1.0.0
    Update made by @jbs4bmx, thanks to him!

  • Version 1.6

  • Hello, would you add locale for Chinese since there have already many unofficial translated editions made by Chinese modmakers from https://sns.oddba.cn/

  • I'm using the new version of this mod for the 1.0.0 and it is saying that the

    selected path does not seem to be a sptarkov server location

    • Make sure you are using version 1.7.
      1.6 only works for versions prior to AKI 1.0.0-B*

      If you are overwriting your pre-existing version of the editor, then the config file that it creates will need to be deleted so it can be rebuilt with the new server versions path information.

    • does it work for all B.X versions? I am trying the 1.7 (only, no previous version) and have either B1 or B2, can't remember, and am still getting the server path error

    • Yes. Version 1.7 of this tool should work for all 1.0.0-B versions of AKI.

    • Thank you for the quick reply. Does it need to be placed in a specific place? I have it currently here but not sure if it's proper: C:\Games\SPT-AKI\SP-EFT-ProfileEditor_1.7 (I did read that it should not go into user/mods)

      Edit - I was using B2, now using B5 and buffled as to what I'n doing wrong. When it asks for the Server path I choose this: C:\Games\SPT-AKI\Aki_Data\Server

      and it still gives me the server path error

    • "C:\Games\SPT-AKI" - Use that.

  • the selected path does not seem to be a sptarkov server location

    • your using it on the newest sp-tarkov version which this plugin isnt supported.

  • will this get an update for 12.10?

    • realyl nice mod,update will be great :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • this isn't working for me at all.

    trying to add the server directory and it says it is not the server directory?

    I don't get it

    plz halp

  • Im receiving this error,

    Screenshot by Lightshot (prnt.sc)

    Editor is not in mods folder and I currently have these mods,

    Screenshot by Lightshot (prnt.sc)

  • Dropped this message in guilded - mods - general earlier. gonna copy/paste it here in the hopes that mod author sees it (and also sees that there isnt a support thread for this mod)
    "any known issues with the SPT-aki profile editor? I ran into some troubles where my default traders were being buggy (only showing the inventory of prapor, being unable to sell/buy) but the modded ones from andrudis quest-maniac were fine. potentially issue is also quest maniac, but everyone was playing nicely up through using the profile editor. already checked on the page for it and didnt see anything, also didnt see anything under the mods support forum but that could just be me being blind"

  • When using this mod I am getting a "

    Mod SP-EFT-ProfileEditor is missing package.json

    Press any key to continue" error message when starting the server up. Any Tips?

    • Are you putting this in mods folder? if so you dont want to do that. did you map the sp-tarkov install folder?

    • Instructions are in the page description, please read it.