Kiki-MysteriousKeys 2.0.0


Hate RSI and want everything already examined, but can't remember if that was the key you were searching for? This is the mod for you!

This mod will mark everything in game as being already examined with the exception of keys and keycards (so you can get excited again when finding new keys)

This will conflict with Ereshkigals AIO mod if AllExaminedItems in config.js is set to true. (not in a bad way just wont work)

  • Hi, i uptade to B2, and the mod don't work

    • I have not tested for b2 yet, it is possible something has changed, I won't be looking into it tonight, but will have a look tomorrow.

    • Thank you

    • Everything works on B3, I just checked it

    • Yeah can confirm all is fine for B4.