Force Boss Spawn Location 1.0.0

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Force the bosses to spawn in the same place each time! You can choose where the bosses on Customs, Shoreline, and Reserve spawn!

By default, this mod does nothing until you enable each map's override in the src/config.json file.

Change "Enabled": false, to true and make sure the SpawnLocation is set to one of the values right above from VALID_LOCATIONS. The boss may not spawn in the exact same place every single time, but you can narrow it down to which spawn zone you want.

No options for Interchange or Woods as the boss only has one spawn zone for those maps.

No options for cultists.

  • I don't suppose you would know if this mod conflicts with Fins AI or AllinOneMod?

    Having another mod that increases or decreases Boss spawns is always handy just in case other mods become incompatible or need updating 8)

    • It will not conflict with AllInOneMod.

      With Fin's AI Tweaks it looks like it will conflict, though if my mod loads after it, the changes in this mod should overwrite them in theory. If it doesn't work out that way, let me know and I'll look more into it.

      I can look into expanding this mod in the future, but it seems like those two mods cover just about everything else.

      Thanks 1