Zero Sights Every Raid 1.0.1

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TLDR: Actually shoot where you're aiming. Re-zero the sights of your currently equipped weapons based on the ammo they currently have in their magazine (and failing that, their chamber) at the start of every raid.

This mod adds an option to re-zero the sights of your currently equipped weapons based on the ammo they currently have in their magazine (and failing that, their chamber) at the start of every raid.

NOTE: The re-zeroing process is applied based on what weapons you have equipped when you go to the INSURANCE screen before a raid - if you skip this screen, your weapons won't get re-zeroed!

NOTE 2: The re-zeroing will take effect across *all* weapons matching your currently equipped loadout (the mod updates the weapon template), so if you kill someone in raid using the same weapon as you but with different ammo, and then use their weapon, the zeroing will probably be wonky.

Shout out to Fershte for showing me the evidence this mod needed to be made!

  • Version 1.0.1

    Now defaults to using the ammo in the magazine equipped in each weapon for zeroing purposes, and if no magazine is found then falls back to using the round in the chamber.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Just coming by again to say how GOATed it is, being able to hit shit and not guess where rounds are gonna go.

  • does this fix the STM's zeroing issue with higher tier ammo?

    • It zeroes any gun you have equipped to the ammo that is in that gun's magazine. So, yes, it will zero the STM to any ammo you equip it with.

    • hell yes, thanks

  • If I frequently use picked up weapons every raid should I stay away from this mod?

    Because having my weapons I spawn in with being zero'd sounds awesome but will it make weapons I pick up and use while in raid drastically less accurate than if I didn't have this mod installed?

    Trying to decide what will give me the best overall experience pros and cons considered.

    • This mod only affects weapons you have equipped when you got to insure before a raid - and the changes don't persist when you restart the game. Any guns you pick up in raid that are not the same base weapon as any you have equipped are unaffected by the zeroing changes (e.g. if you were using an MP5 and picked up an SKS it would have default zeroing).

      So I'd say you're good to go :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    • And just to verify the zero'ing is for every copy of the weapon in the raid basically? So if I spawn in with a zero'd SKS then every SKS in the raid will be zero'd (to my SKS/ammo stats) (but only for the duration of the raid because the zero'ing resets after every raid) but reapplies on every insurance screen regardless of if you actually bought insurance.. just being on the screen?)

    • That is correct, other than the zeroing takes effect per session - i.e. if you launch the game and run 3 raids with different guns, each time you go to the insurance screen (you don't actually have to buy insurance, that was just the most sensible place to get the player's equipment pre-raid) your currently equipped guns will be re-zeroed, but the zeroing changes to guns from previous raids that session will persist. Only restarting your server will reset all zeroing to default.

      In essence, the effect you'll probably notice this mod having given how you've described your playstyle is the guns you pick up from enemies won't be too noticeably different to normal, but the guns that YOU bring on a raid with you will feel more like YOUR guns (as a PMC), in that they will be more accurately tuned given you "prepared" for the raid by zeroing them.