Fully Automatic STM-9 1.1.3

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Have fun!


This mod gives you the option of adding fully automatic as a firing mode to the STM-9, or adding an additional weapon (STM-9F) as a copy of the STM-9 but with full-auto enabled. Enjoy.

  • Version 1.1.3

    Fixed bug in setting weapon properties - fire rate now updates correctly based on what you set in the config.

  • Version 1.1.2

    Added config option to change fire rate of STM-9F, if enabled.

  • Version 1.1.1

    Added defAmmo option for setting which ammo to use for zeroing purposes.

    Added to weapon mastery list.

  • Version 1.1.0

    Now comes with the option of adding a new full-auto variant (STM-9F) of the STM-9 rather than editing the existing weapon. Disabled by default.

    You should probably delete any old installations of this mod before using this new version.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Gives an error at server startup due to some issue with appearing in ragfair when "All Offers" are enabled in AKI configurator, any ideas on how to fix this?

    Version 1.0.0 works though.

  • Uhhhh..... It seems firerate does not change with config

  • With this script, I added full auto on op - sks, and it is kind addictive thx lol