Colt M16A4 5.56X45 Assault Rifle Updated 1.0.4

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Adds An M16A4 And Variants

A small number of M16A4s was donated to UNTAR mission by US Government, and someone else got a hand on them.

This mod adds 6 items to the flea market: M16A4 lower (custom textures), KAC M5 RAS handguard and USGI A2 stock and handguard (all from Insurgency: Sandstorm), as well as 2 barrel options that are compatible with handguards (vanilla ones would definitely clip with handguards in gasblock area very noticeably). All custom parts are compatible with vanilla uppers, A2 stock requires Colt "A2" buffer tube.

Credits To Miralyn For Original Mod, Paradox13 For Updates, And okaoka2 For Additions To Bots

  • Version 1.0.4

    Fixed Bug With File Name

  • Whenever I've updated this mod by just replacing the old folder with the new one my server breaks. I've taken to just overwriting the old files with the new and this seems to work fine but can't be intended.

    Can you at least keep old versions uploaded so I can access old files? It was a pain trying to get v.03 to work before I restore v.02 from my bin and tried overwriting. If I didn't have the old files I would have had to do more work figuring it out. Having all the versions available would be nice.

  • Can you explain in a little more detail what this mod does because I don't understand after reading the mod description.

    Thank you!

  • nah, that's fine.