Alternative Trader Pics 1.0.0

If you downloaded the game on any of the following website:

  • - skidrowreloaded
  • -
  • - steamunlocked
  • - igg-games
  • - PCGameTorrents
  • Or any other website outside of

Please delete it, and instead download the official game and the official version of SPT-Aki here.

No support will be given for those who downloaded it, and use it.

You may be banned if we find out that you used any of these copies.

Update EFT's default Trader icons to a much better looking alternative!

Update EFT's default Trader icons to a much better looking alternative!1   kanalove

When using this mod, it is recommended that you clear your game's cache folder before launching the server so the new images can be cached.

You can do this by deleting the folder directly or you can download my batch script here.2

You can customize it too!

You can replace the traders with whatever pictures you like.

Images with transparency will work.
Recommended photo size between 128x and 256x inclusive for best compatibility.
- Pictures can be larger (512x, 1024x, etc.), but it requires more memory to store the larger file sizes while the game is running.
- It can take longer for the game to load the images if there are a lot of large files.
Recommended filetype = jpg or png only.

Example: Change Prapor's Picture --> ./res/54cb50c76803fa8b248b4571.jpg (256x256)
If you would like to replace this picture, rename the picture of your choosing to include the same string "54cb50c76803fa8b248b4571" for its filename and copy it to the ./res folder.
If a file of the same name exists, click on "Yes" or "OK" to overwrite it.

To change from jpg to png, and vice versa, you will need to edit the ./src/altTraderPics.js file.

For this example (Prapor), you would need to change the filetype of the picture in this line
https_f.server.sendFile(resp, `${filepath}54cb50c76803fa8b248b4571.jpg`);
to this
https_f.server.sendFile(resp, `${filepath}54cb50c76803fa8b248b4571.png`);

ENJOY! :lolivodka:

1: The Title/statement is an opinion and is no way a definitive statement of actual thoughts or ideas of the user of this mod. Results are not guaranteed. No substitutions, extensions, or refunds will be granted.

2: As with any script or source file downloaded from the internet, take a moment to inspect it and scan it before just running it on your computer.

  • This is very cool.

    Is it possible to adjust trader names in a config setting as well?

  • yes, now we can have sidorovich instead or prapor.

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  • Thank you man,

    now my wife , mistress, scandals can be part or my tarkov experience as supporters animedance2



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  • This is an example pics:

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    • Why in God's name would you want pictures like that in Tarkov?

      Please take your simpy, anime-ass outta here and out of Tarkov!

      Just kidding lmao , but seriously why would you want that? That'll ruin my Tarkov game :grinning_face_with_sweat:

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    • LOL... sometimes, you gotta change it up after seeing the same tired faces for the billionth time.

      I included directions on how to add your own pics too... that way peeps can use something else if they're not into anime/manga/JRPGs.

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    • Yeah but... anime waifus or whatever they are? :grinning_squinting_face:

      I like that you made this it's something to make Tarkov a tad different and I do have some characters in mind I want as traders 1 of them is Borat as Peacemaker lol

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