Bread and butter 2.3.30

Download any EFT version outside of its official way can get you banned.
If we find out that you downloaded EFT on a pirate website you'll be banned without further informations.

You need to own the game to play AKI.

Various stuff for more online like experience (v2.3.30)

General Warning

  • I will not answer to any comments from who never played online (i.e. who wrongfully accquired client against community policy)
  • Example #1
    • Q: How can I change amount of Scavs and PMCs?
    • Verdict: You get to choose that for every raid. Asking this question means that you never played EFT before using AKI which means only one thing. You don't own a copy.
  • Example #2
    • Q: Why PMC loots are not found in raid?
    • Verdict: You are asking this because the only thing you know about EFT is vanilla AKI. I don't know why AKI dev did that but if you ever played EFT before, you have no reason to ask this. This only means you don't own a copy.
  • Your questions will reveal that you don't down a copy. So don't ask.

Compatibility guide

  • There might be a compatibility issues with other mods or newer AKI versions.
  • Backup your profile before using B&B if you use other mods.
  • You can resolve any compatilibity issues by yourself.
    • Since every features of B&B can be turned off. Checkout 'db\config.json'
    • You can figureout which feature causes problem by tracing line number from error logs.
    • Every function checks enablement flag so you can just turn them off to avoid issues.

What B&B provides...

  • Workarounds for broken / tedious tasks.
    • You can enable/disable optional workarounds through config.
  • Updated market prices.
  • Updated weapons and parts specs.
  • Updated trader assorts (price, LL and barter items).
  • Fix for more online like ragfair prices.
  • Fix for some stutters.
  • Fix for bots.
    • Better PMC bot spawns. (can be configured for better FPS or more PMC bots.)
    • Better PMC bot gears. (proper ammo, proper armors like actual PMCs)
    • Scavs are geared better with harder difficulty to compensate the absense of PMC bots.
    • Some adjustment for scav spawns.
    • With these adjustments and G-Sync, FPS will be pretty much enjoyable.
    • More challenging PMC bots. They wil put up a good fight against scavs. Even bosses.
  • Fix for Insurance.
    • Instant return.
    • "Insurance fraud" will work properly.
    • More online like price.
  • Dynamic configurables.
    • Parameters in 'butter\db\config.json' are applied dynamically.
    • Some of them are applied immediatly to your next raid.
    • Others are applied by the end of raid (client loads lots of parameters by the end of raid)
  • Each features can be turned on/off separately.
  • Recovery routine for lost items.
    • In some rare cases, items are disppearing with no reason.
    • It's not caused by this mod.
    • Those items might cause inability to login.
    • This might resolve some of those incidents.
  • QoL modifications.
    • Faster hideout upgrade / production.
    • QoL stims by Therapist (something like stamina regen and damage reduction)
    • Higher spawn rate for dynamic loots (a.k.a. loose loots)
    • Profiles are saved only if somethings are actually changed (less burden for SSD lifetime. disabled by default. turn it on if you want.)
    • Fence buys 'found in raid' items with market price after PMC level 10.
    • Faction armbands (blue armbands on usec bots, yellow on bear bots)
  • Hardcore challenge rulesets.
  • No save mode.
    • AKI is an extension for 'offline mode'. So there's no 'offline mode' for testing or trainning.
    • Possessing 'NO SAVE ticket' prevents your profile from being saved after raid (i.e. actual offline mode)
    • Ticket works like Lab Access Keycard.
  • Precise bot difficulty control.
    • Easy - 'Easy' difficulty for both PMC and Scav.
    • Medium - 'Normal' difficulty for both PMC and Scav.
    • Hard - 'Hard' difficulty for both PMC and Scav.
    • Impossible - 'Impossible' difficulty for both PMC and Scav.
    • AsOnline / Random
      • The way client handles 'AsOnline' is pretty much same as 'Random'.
      • 'AsOnline' just means lesser 'Random'.
  • Enablement flags for each features.
    • You can disable any features that you don't want.
    • It's for DIY stuff like tweaks and compatiblity fixes.
    • Some feartures are not intended to be turned off. Try not to disable, unless you have compatibility issues.
    • Some featuress are off by default cause you don't need it until you know what it does.
    • Someone might request explanations on all those flags but.
      • By explaining all flags means I have to explain all source code of B&B which is irrational.
      • So I won't provide comments for the features that are not intended to be turned off.
      • You don't really want to turn off those features until you got enthusiastic enought to tinker with source code itself.
  • Some bugs.
    • But still, it's better than vanilla AKI, I guess.
    • There're some RUB exploits. Use it or not, it's up to you.
  • And more misc modifications.

PMC bot configuration guide. (checkout 'db\config.json')

Default (PMC bot spawns as groups, spawns only once)

Better FPS (PMC bot only spawns when you have pmc kill tasks)

All PMCs

- There will be no support. Use it for your own good.

- 지원이 없습니다. 당신 자신을 위해서 쓰세요.

- サポートはありません。 それを自分のために使いなさい

- 不会有支援的 为了你好用

- para que sea más fácil de lo que es. Use para su propio bien.

- Il n'y aura pas de soutien. Utilisez-le pour votre propre bien.

- Keine Unterstützung. Schreiben Sie es für sich selbst.

- Я не поддерживаю. Используйте для себя.

- Não haverá apoio.Use para o godd.

- Non c'è supporto. Usalo per te stesso.

- Sẽ không có sự hỗ trợ nào. Hãy dùng nó vì lợi ích của chính bạn.

- จะไม่มีการสนับสนุน ใช้มันเพื่อตัวคุณเอง

- Tidak ada bantuan. Gunakanlah untuk dirimu sendiri.

- वहाँ होगा कोई समर्थन।तुम्हारी भलाई के लिए इसे का उपयोग करें।

  • Version 2.3.30

    Hardcore mode fix.

    • Quest accepting problem and pocket shenanigan is fixed now.
  • Version 2.3.29

    Hardcore mode fix.

    • Born in hardcore profiles will work properly now.
  • Version 2.3.28

    Bot generation update.

    • Somehow I managed to achieve random distribution for 'AsOnline' and 'Random' difficulty.
    • The way client handles 'AsOnline' is basically lesser 'Random'. X(X(X(X(X(X(X(
  • Version 2.3.27

    Database update.

    New feature.

    • Faction Armband

      • As Frx's idea, put blue armband for USEC, yellow for BEAR. (scavs don't have armband slot)
      • 'fix_bot_generation.faction_armband' to turn it on/off
  • Version 2.3.26

    Database update.

    Bot update.

    • Little bit lowered normal/hard PMC difficulty settings.
    • More tweaks to shut PMC bots up.
      • Applied some Sectant Warrior's parameters.
  • Version 2.3.25

    Bot update.

    • Turned off PMC bot parameters which might cause them to talk.
      • I did as much as I can but they still talks. animecurious
    • Precise bot difficulty control.
      • Easy - 'Easy' difficulty for both PMC and Scav.
      • Medium - 'Normal' difficulty for both PMC and Scav.
      • Hard - 'Hard' difficulty for both PMC and Scav.
      • Impossible - 'Impossible' difficulty for both PMC and Scav.
      • AsOnline - 'Normal' difficulty for Scav, 'Hard' to 'Impossible' difficulty for PMC.

    Difficulty settings for PMC bots are in separate files. You can tweak for your preference.

    • db\pmc_difficulty_easy.json : little better than normal scavs
    • db\pmc_difficulty_normal.json : little better than normal raiders
    • db\pmc_difficulty_hard.json : little better than bosses
    • db\pmc_difficulty_impossible.json : apex predator
  • Version 2.3.24

    Bot update.

    • Separate configuration for each PMC bot difficulty (easy, normal, hard, impossible)

    New flags.

    • bot_difficulty.default_raid_difficulty - default raid difficulty
      • Easy: easy scavs, moderate pmc bots
      • Normal: moderate scavs, normal pmc bots.
      • Hard: normal scavs, challenging pmc bots.
      • Impossible: challenging scavs, challenging pmc bots.
    • bot_difficulty.pmc_helmet_side - chance to equip helmet side armor
    • bot_difficulty.pmc_helmet_visor - chance to equip helmet visor
    • bot_difficulty.pmc_helmet_mount - chance to equip helmet mounts (this can be additional armor, nvg mount or visor for some helmets)
    • bot_difficulty.pmc_helmet_nvg - chance to equip helmet nvg
  • Version 2.3.23

    AKI-1.4.1 compatible.

    New flag

    • fix_hideout_speed.exclude_bitcoin_production - exclude bitcon from production speed fix
  • Version 2.3.22

    Forcibly mark dogtags as found in raid.

    An experimental feature.

    • New flag - bot_difficulty.support_easy_mode
    • You may or may not know but some bots like bosses have fixed difficulty settings. Which means no matter what difficulty you choose, they are same as always.
    • By enabling this flag, easy and normal difficulties are forcibly injected. (not easy easy, it's just tarkov easy)
    • But, client applies difficulty settings weirdly. I'm still figuring it out. (you choose 'easy' but client loads 'normal')
    • Hopefully, this option give you guys a way to blow off steam on hard days.
  • Version 2.3.21

    Database update.

    New configurable - 'pistolier_chance'

    Code: db\config.json
      "fix_bot_generation": {
        "comment_0": "fix for bot generation",
        "enabled": true,
        "comment_1": "pistolier_chance - chance for pmc bot to be a pistolier, 0 to 100",
        "pistolier_chance": 10
    • I tried to implement 'hatchling' but it was unsuccessful.

    'cheat_grenadier' fix.

    • It's compatible with 'Bigger Bang' now.
    • But.. this gives me a lot of thoughts. Do I have care about all the other mods?
  • Any Idea What Does This Error Trace Mean?

    [ERROR] Trace:

    ReferenceError: PaymentController is not defined

    at Function.RagfairServer.getDynamicOfferPrice (C:\EFT\AKI\user\mods\butter\src\Injector.js:493:25)

    at Function.getOfferRequirements (C:\EFT\AKI\obj\servers\RagfairServer.js:330:33)

    at Function.RagfairServer.generateDynamicOffers (C:\EFT\AKI\user\mods\butter\src\Injector.js:480:52)

    at Function.update (C:\EFT\AKI\obj\servers\RagfairServer.js:70:21)

    at Function.load (C:\EFT\AKI\obj\servers\RagfairServer.js:9:19)

    at LC.load (C:\EFT\AKI\user\mods\butter\src\Controller.js:68:23)

    at new LC (C:\EFT\AKI\user\mods\butter\src\Controller.js:30:14)

    at Object.<anonymous> (C:\EFT\AKI\user\mods\butter\package.js:5:21)

    at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1138:30)

    at Object.Module._extensions..js (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1158:10)

  • So Im trying to set it up so the spawn rate is like 50/.50 for bear and usec, how do i change that ? im new to this whole modding thing and was hoping you could help, also this mod is amazing way better then the other 2 I had

    • Just leave default, it's already 50/50

      Thanks 1
    • 50/50? I see bear more then usec ive seen 1 usec in my last 10 raids

    • Yeah. That's the way 'random' works.

    • well thats what im saying how can i get it to be a little more then what it currently is set too

      Confused 1
    • It's implmented as chances not rates.

      If you dislike that simply disable this feature and use whatever other mods you want.

      Like 1
  • Accepting quests when hardcore 1 is enabled leads to infinite loading for me, only have your mod installed

    Confused 1
    • Well.. Which quest?

    • Both of the starter quests on a fresh profile, I don't know if any more cause it after them I just disabled it and deleted my stash instead

      Sad 1
    • I just tested it and it was find. Probablly you "paused" AKI-Server window.

      It's generic Windows issue.

      And FYI, quests with multiple choices are tend to cause infinite loading and it's AKI's innate issue. Not with B&B.

    • Disabling the hardcore flag and everything works fine, weird issue but I guess it's just me

    • I also had this problem, so I decided to make hardcore without enabling this option.

  • How can I report people who should be banned?

    Or at least delete their messages?

    I'm constantly annoyed by pirates.

    I just don't want to read thier comments not because of the piracy itself but because of their stupid questions.

    Imagine that someone asking you - "Hey, I just died and lost all gears. Please fix this bug".

    Are you kidding me?

    Haha 1
    • Sometimes, the person bought the game and already wanted to start offline, which I think is a mistake, everyone should play live to feel how difficult it is.

      And how all things work too.

      Like 1
  • Officially, I don't recommend 'AsOnline' and 'Random' difficulty.

    I tried to balance 'AsOnline' to be somewhere between 'Medium' and 'Hard' but client treats 'AsOnline' weirdly.

    Actually, I don't see much difference between 'AsOnline' and 'Random'.

    And even worse, client nevers tell to server what kind of difficulty was chosen for current raid.

    That makes 'Random' is pretty much impossible to achieve.

    Like 1
    • I always leave it on "AsOnline" I think it's fun I remember the game live, sometimes I'm walking and I end up getting shot in the head out of nowhere..

    • Somehow I managed to do that.

      BSG did so naive work on offline mode. pepemad

    • Just saw the update would you still recommend to play on other difficulty or is as online working as you expect it to now? Thanks for the awesome mod btw :)

    • I'm still testing and evaluating it but seems fine now.

  • Need help!

    i`m using plenty of new item mods.

    but if i activate B&B mod the ragfair doesn`t sell any of them.

    is there anyway to fix this?

    + i allready try fix ragfair option to false but it doesn`t work.

    • I'm sorry to say but moddig is DIY.

      Best thing I can do is providing enablement flags for each features so that you don't have to choose which mod to use.

      Besides B&B's issues it's actually out of my hands.

      Try Support Zone or Senko's Pub.

    • alright i`ll try

      thx for replying.

  • Is it compatible with Ereshkigal's AllinOne?

    • I haven't used it so I can't tell but seems like it's not.

      You can disable any conflicting features in B&B tough.

    • Speaking of disabling features, Is there a way to disable B&B's insurance so I can get everything back from it instead of RNG?

    • That's not B&B's doing.

    • Oh ok I'll check through the mods

    • I checked the source code and need to correct my answer.

      That RNG thing is a part of AKI and my fix still contains it.

      So, if you wan't to tweak the insurance system, you need to disable B&B's insurance fix first.

      Check configurations. It's not that hard to find.

      And then disable or override AKI's insurance system.

  • Hi, how do I change the pmc difficulty in the config? Thanks in advance

    • You can choose bot difficulty thorugh in raid difficulty combo box.

      If you want to push further, check 'Tagged and cursed'.

      If you want more detailed control, you can edit diffuculty settings that you can find in 'db' folder.

  • Hello, what are all the "fix" things in the config? I did not find comments.

    Like "fix for hideout upgrade" or "fix for insurance" does it fix a bug or does it change the vanilla times?

    Because I dont want to change the vanilla hideout and insurance times, or is it a bug fix of some kind?

    Same with "fix for traders" any description what it does?

    *EDIT* There is also "fix for barter trades" and "fix for bosses" what does it mean? that bosses spawn every raid?


    • Uncommented options are for DIY fixes.

      Some people wanted to disable specific features for compatiblities with other mods or for their tastes and I can't keep up with their requests.

      So I just made everything can be truned off so that they can tinker with.

      If I write comments on those, others might want to change them and then I have to ensure all those combinations will work which is impossible.

      Therefore, uncommented options are for advanced users who willing to edit source code themselves and put some work to it.

    • ok thanks!

    • I am a little confused by this answer. If I am NOT and advanced user should I leave them all as true or set them all to false?

    • You can turn off uncommented options but you need to resolve the issue comes with it cause you are disabling some features that B&B supposed to have.

      As I said, it's for DIY problem shooting so unless you already have an issue with it, you don't need to turn them off.

      You can turn on uncommented options for some fixes which is not really necessary but it might cause compatibility issues with other mods so I disabled it by default.

      Until you disagree some features with vanilla AKI, you don't need to turn them on cause they are not necessary.

      That's why those are for advenced users.

    • Ok I got it now. They are basically backbone settings and should stay on unless I have a specific issue. Thank you for clarifying.

  • Love the mod, thank you for all of your hard work on this. One request, there was a mod some time ago that allowed you to turn on colored armbands for each group (SCAV, USEC and BEAR). Is this something you would consider?

    • It's possible to pick colors for each faction. Not for groups cause we can't control group assignment.

      Any recommended colors? Cause armbands are not that visible.

    • Yep, by faction is what i was thinking about, for colors, maybe;

      SCAV - Red

      USEC - Blue

      BEAR - Yellow or White

      Those colors should be easier to see than others.

    • The mod that puts identifying armbands on bots is Fin's AI Tweaks and that option is still available you just have to turn it on in the config.json file within the mod.

  • Hey I was wondering whether I can make scavs and pmcs more aggresive cause im plaing on the impossible difficulty but to me it seems like the AI is really dumb takes them a few seconds before they even start and shoot me which I kinda don't like since in the default mod the loot the AI gets is WAAAY too expensive so if they're that easy to kill it's basically ez money and I'd rather make them harder to kill so that I don't go out with like 1m worth of rubles from their inventories every raid.

    • You can modify their parameters to be more combat efficient but I'm not sure how to make them more aggresive.

      We can only modify their paramters not the whole AI.

      How about checking 'Tagged and Cursed' ?

    • Ill try. thanks

  • I was told on the Pub that this mod makes all PMC loot not FIR, and I can't seem to find an option to turn that off. I understand why its the case in vanilla EFT, ofc

  • Thank you for all your hard work man, this is the best and a necessary mod. As for the bosses not dropping things i have my dynamic loot set to 120% in the config file (user>mods>butter>db>config Line 23 in Notepad++) and they do indeed drop keycards, Shturman key etc.... its about a 75% chance. Hope this helps someone passing by.

    Again Thank you for this!

  • Hey idk why but Scav Bosses do not drop Lab cards at all and with shturman's case , his key

    Forgot to add

    I only get this problem when playing with this mod

    SPT AKi 1.4.1

  • Hello Lone Simon. Really enjoying your mod! I was wondering if there is a possible way in the config to disable PMCS talking so I am not forewarned of their presence? Thanks!

    • I turned off what I can but seems like impossible to shut them up.

      Currently I'm out of idea.

    • I just updated 2.3.24 with some tweaks.

      I disabled every possible parameters.

      Please download 2.3.24 again.

      It's not enough but I did what I can.

    • You Rock! thank you for not only the response but the edit as well.

  • I noticed this mod lowered the time for bitcoins to 13 minutes w/ 10 GPUs, yet when I attempt to "Get Items", server log says there are no items to retrieve. Removing the mod shows ~12 hours until bitcoin completion. I think whatever parameter reduces the "Farming countdown" is separate from the actual production.

    Please advise.

    • You can turn off hideout speed fix.

      Code: db\config.json
        "fix_hideout_speed": {
          "comment": "fix for hideout upgrade/production speed",
          "enabled": true

      I haven't built Bitcoin farms for few months so it might be ok now but Bitcoin production time was already off with vanilla AKI.

      Once you build Bitcoin farm it triggers constant profile saves cause it never stops even if Generator is off so it will constantly change your profile while AKI server is running.

      And it's not really necessary thing cause RUB farming is really easy.

      Also Airfilter unit with filters and Water collector with filters will cause constant saves too.

      Anyway, I will separate Bitcoin production speed parameter with next update.

  • Hey there, I just wanted to be sure, do the quest changes also include fix for things like friendly scav extraction?

    • No. I have not.

    • Then it's probably compatible with "FRIENDLYSCAVEXTRACTS"?

      Thank you!

    • I'm not sure what do you mean by 'FRIENDLYSCAVEXTRACTS'.

      Is that a mod?
      I don't know how you extract with friendly scav but it will work as it supposed to do.

      And I'm not sure it's implemented on AKI or not.

  • A tiny suggestion:

    If instead of removing the end bit of InraidController.markFoundItems, you change it to this:

    // mark dogtags found in raid
    if ("upd" in offraidItem && "Dogtag" in offraidItem.upd)
        offraidItem.upd.SpawnedInSession = true;

    It's going to mark all dogtags "found in raid" that you haven't brought yourself.

    This should make it possible to complete quests, like "Friend from the West" without profile editing or messing with the quest requirements.

    • Yep. Good idea.

    • How can we implement this change on user end? I'm stuck on this very quest because dogtags refuse to be marked FIR.

    • What am I doing wrong?

    • I had to set

                  for (let offraidItem of profile.Inventory.items) {
                      let found = true;

      which seems redundant to me, but it works now :)

    • It should look like this:

  • After using the 2.3.20 version i got this error:

    [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'conditions' of undefined

    at BiggerBangLib.addToGrenadierQuest (H:\AKI 1.3\EFT\user\mods\ZThunderbags-BiggerBang\src\BiggerBangLib.js:76:63)

    at BiggerBangGrenades.load (H:\AKI 1.3\EFT\user\mods\ZThunderbags-BiggerBang\src\BiggerBangGrenades.js:53:19)

    at Function.executeMods (H:\AKI 1.3\EFT\obj\utils\ModLoader.js:52:28)

    at Function.load (H:\AKI 1.3\EFT\obj\utils\ModLoader.js:8:15)

    at Object.load [as aki-mods] (H:\AKI 1.3\EFT\obj\callbacks\ModCallbacks.js:7:15)

    at Function.load (H:\AKI 1.3\EFT\obj\utils\App.js:14:27)

    at Function.main (H:\AKI 1.3\EFT\obj\Program.js:29:9)

    at Object.<anonymous> (H:\AKI 1.3\EFT\obj\Program.js:34:9)

    at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1138:30)

    at Object.Module._extensions..js (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1158:10)

    • Checkout 'db\config.json'

      I externalized enablement flags for every features so that you can resolve compatibility issue yourself.

    • Can't identify why the mod Bigger Bang is making this error with Butter. Going give it another try tomorrow.

    • I have that same issue with BiggerBang mod too on v2.3.20. Though i couldn't figure out where the issue came from so I decided to downgrade it for the meantime.

    • Just change that, that I believe everything will be fine

      "cheat_grenadier": false

      This is true by default.

      I used a translator so forgive any mistake kanalove

    • Translation is fine. Good job Zew.

      Grenadier makes me crazy since I increased PMC bot's difficulty.

      On live servers, we can shoot hatchling's legs or ambushing someone who's doing tasks.

      But we can't do that with bots.

      So I decied to turn that cheat on by default.

      If it causes problem, maybe I should look for other solutions.

      How about spawning hatchlings on interchange and reserve regardless of pmc bot settings?

      They do exists on live servers.

  • I would love to use this mod, but every time i install it. I can load into a game but when i extract it just sits at a black screen. Even with all other mods removed.

  • Lets make this mod the best ever

    bug report:

    According to official wiki:

    1.PPSH-41 should Sold by Prapor LL1 (no quest requirement)

    2.VPO-209 should Sold by Jaeger LL1 (no quest requirement)

  • Boa noite Simon, acho que a função de salvar não está funcionando, ele fica salvando no menu do jogo sem parar.

    • It's the way AKI handles profile.

      If you don't want constant saving, turn 'fix_save_server' on.

      Code: db\config.js
        "fix_save_server": {
          "comment": "fix for SaveServer.js",
          "enabled": true
    • But this is active, I always do that, in the last version it was working.

    • It was on by default. But recently, I turned it off by default.

      It's probabally disabled.

      In fact, I turned off few other options too cause of some people automatically assumes that it's my bug only because they saw 'butter' on error logs.

      So I just turned off some features which doesn't affect actual user experience to avoid that situations.

    • Oh. And you might misunderstand this too.

      Profile save happens even if you turned on 'fix_save_server' when something is actually changed.

      And those changes are

      • Hideout upgrade or production is in progress
      • Scav case is running
      • Bitcoin farm is running (it runs with or without generator)
      • Health, hydration or energy is replenishing
      • Buying or selling item
      • Moving item
      • Accepting or completing quest
      • Checking in-game message box
      • Gaining exp
    • Then, something strange happened, I went there and deactivated the option and went to play I did a quick raid and extracted, the stranger who did not appear on the server that the game was being saved but saved ... (I had activated it when I installed the mod again)

      "fix_save_server": {

      "comment": "fix for SaveServer.js",

      "enabled": false Monkam

  • love that glossy png

  • ? try to download newest mod but it's called Gunsmith Part 6.png

  • Hey i think you uploaded the wrong file into dropbox, since when i click download then i just get a .png pepeclown

  • it's the must-have mod for EFT now.


    Is it possible to fix the bug that EFT has which traders (Peacekeeper) sell quest-unlock items (like M865A1 and MP5 SD) regardless of quest progressions?

    Thx a lot

  • Having a trace error, I can loot and shoot just fine but when I extract I get:

    [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'base' of undefined

    at Function.saveProgress (C:\SPTarkov\obj\controllers\InraidController.js:49:61)

    at Function.saveProgress (C:\SPTarkov\obj\callbacks\InraidCallbacks.js:17:22)

    at Object.aki (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\butter\src\Controller.js:164:44)

    at Function.getResponse (C:\SPTarkov\obj\routers\HttpRouter.js:17:57)

    at Function.sendResponse (C:\SPTarkov\obj\servers\HttpServer.js:112:29)

    at Inflate.cb (C:\SPTarkov\obj\servers\HttpServer.js:172:22)

    at Inflate.zlibBufferOnEnd (zlib.js:149:10)

    at Inflate.emit (events.js:327:22)

    at endReadableNT (_stream_readable.js:1221:12)

    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:84:21)

    Any suggestions? Did I somehow install the pack incorrectly?

  • Hey. thx for the update.

    but i`m struggle with scav to pmc config.

    first this is my config file setting.

    I`ve tested in the factory with every bot count options but the PMCs are only show up in first wave.

    I think i miss something. can you help me to figure it out?

    this is my last game result in factory.

    and of course i don`t use any mod related with spawn system except your mod.


    Suggestion: can you add more META modded gun for pmcs? and the helmet with face or ear cover too.

    if you need some specific gun presets i can provide you if you need.

    • First, "as_boss" means they spawn as bosses.

      Since boss have no waves, they spawn only once.

      On live, there's no such thing as waves for PMCs.

      If you want them to spawn on every waves, trun "as_boss" off.

      Second, I want to change a lot of presets too.

      But modding a gun through source code is horrible like this.

  • Hey love the mod. Had an issue with the PMCs I've killed loot not having found in raid status not even the dog tags. Is there anything I can do about this?

    • Nothing. It supposed to be like that.

      Think about what happens when you bring found in raid equipement to raid.

      For dog tags, they supposed to be tagged as found in raid.

      Currently, EFT client doesn't do that for some reason.

      So I just removed found in raid conditions of all tasks.

    • oh ok thank you for the reply.

    • And about PMC bot's backpack contents.

      They didn't pick those in raid of course.

      They actually bring those into raid.

      So, they do not have found in raid tag of course.

      B&B's goal is to provide more online experience.

    • Thanks again for taking time to reply. I really like the features B&B has. And thank you for clearing up my misunderstanding about FIR tags.

  • I've encountered a little problem, I'm trying to complete Gunsmith part 6 (the RSASS one) but I can't hand in the weapon, despite having the same and better stats than is required. The reason I think it may be a mod issue, is that the quest description is actually different to the vanilla tarkov one. With a higher requirement for ergo, recoil etc. The only mods I have installed at the moment are your mod, Ereshkigal's Configurator mod and Very gery's Flea Market fixes. I removed the flea market mod to see if that would work, but it doesn't seem too. Should I do the same with yours? Bit worried I might kill my save file though.

    So I removed the mod, and the quest changed back to normal, but I still can't complete the quest... I Have a feeling another issue may be here. My RSASS that I got from the flea market doesn't have the little yellow checkmark that the other weapons that are viable for gunsmith quests do. I'm not sure what would cause this gun to not be considered the "right". I guess I'll have to wait until I can get the gun from traders.

    • That's the common misunderstaning of people who never played online.

      Automatically thinks that it's a bug.

      If it was online they would never say that.

      Gunsmith series are specifically designed to teach you how to mod weapons.

      It supposed to be difficult until you know each parts and how to mod.

      I've tested all Gunsmith tasks. They all are doable.

      Guys, please do not ask any more about Gunsmith.


    • Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you or accuse you of anything.

      I've played a lot of online, I've done this task and others many times. I have matched the requirements for the weapon perfectly. I wouldn't have messaged here, other than the fact that it seems that this mod changes the requirements for the quest. Even then, the problem persists when your mod is removed.

      As my edit suggests, i tested it myself and determined it wasn't anything to do with your mod. As I said, didn't mean to bother you, but I was scratching my head trying to figure out what the problem was.

    • B&B fixes many quests.

      So, removing B&B means they will be back to broken status.

      Not otherwise.

      I'm not sure about yellow mark thing but seems like found in rad tag on quest items.

      It's not really necessary thing.

      And.. this question is irrelevant to B&B.

      You just need to understand EFT more.

      I suggest you to post this on general support forum.

  • Must have mod for the closest experience to live

    If you are looking for a mod that overhauls SPT into a "live" experience, look no further.

    This mod brings along many QoL changes, trader edits, and in raid tweaks to provide the most enjoyable experience I've had in SPT.

    The author is constantly dropping updates, not only staying current but also making further changes from positive feedback and realistic requests. just take a scroll through the comments and see how much time Lone invests in helping us have the best experience we can.

    I appreciate all the hard work done with this mod, and log in regularly to check for the newest version.


  • Great Mod

    It really is the only mod I use. so far it has everything I need. Fixes the QOL stuff that make OffLine better but does not detract from the immersive/"Realism" of the game. Also, the creator is very receptive to reasonable changes and updates regularly.

  • Must have mod

    This mod really helps with not only FPS, but also the experience as a whole. amazing job

  • The Must-Have

    It's called "Bread and Butter" for a reason. This is the absolute must-have mod for SPT. Speedy support. Frequent updates. Continually improving.

    Well done Lone_Simon, well done.