AKI Patcher 1.1.0

Download any EFT version outside of its official way can get you banned.
If we find out that you downloaded EFT on a pirate website you'll be banned without further informations.

You need to own the game to play AKI.

Downgrade EFT Client Files


Huge thanks to Basuro for the byte patcher. Man is a freakin legend!!

Thanks goes to Senko for the patching project. :face_blowing_a_kiss:

  • Version 1.1.0

    Downgrade EFT client files from version to version

  • Version 1.0.0

    Downgrade EFT client files from version to version 12.9.10532

  • Code
    When did the new version of the project die?
  • Will this be updated for version ?

  • Will this be updated for version ?

  • Пожалуйста, загрузите клиент на гугл-диск. Очень хочу поиграть а нового патчера нет. Ну кто нибудь.

  • im stuck in the loading creen at the beginning pls help

  • im stuck in the loading creen at the beginning pls help

  • I am hopeful for an update on this and the main SPT AKI .. Thank you for those that work on these projects!

  • Please update for I just get new PC and I can't get the old one......

  • Can you release a patcher please thank you, i upgrade the main game by accident like a dork :<

  • will be update for downgrade to 12.10.192 for aki 1.3? it be nice :)

  • Just wondering if there was any update on releasing the latest patch? It's been nearly two weeks without any info or updates and I'm not sure how long it's supposed to take to release newer versions

  • i just installed spt for the first time and its hanging up on load screen ( pine tree with no music) is this the cause? also is there any special things necessary to do if i want to play the normal live version in the mean time to avoid any ban concerns?

    • That's because you have the latest version ( Nothing you can do about it, have to wait for the new patcher version to come out in order to be able to downgrade. :)

  • version to version is needed pls :)
    Thank you

  • BSG just released , can u please update patcher to downgrade currently version to

  • I am pretty sure I know the answer but BSG just released today I believe. Not thinking about it, I updated it and realized that it might affect my SPTarkov. Is there anyway I can play on the old versions still or am I gonna have to wait for an updated version to come out that's consistent with EFT? I'm new to SPTarkov so a little confused and just trying to figure it all out! Thanks for any help!

  • Maybe a stupid question, how do i uninstall the patcher and update tarkov to the next version?

  • Thx for fix <3

  • I don't know what I'm doing wrong... I followed the instructions exactly to the point. The patcher worked without problems. But whenever I try to run the game, the AKI launcher keeps telling me that "AKI shouldn't be installed into the main live directory...", although I've installed the entire mod (including EFT live folder) into a seperate folder, just like it's recommended in the instructions.

    I suspect that it still thinks it's installed into the original folder, because on my first try I've did that accidently. When I tried to run the mod at that point, the launcher claimed that I wouldn't have the game installed at all. So I deleted everything and reinstalled EFT entirely from scratch, and this time I did everything like described - created a copy of the EFT Live folder somewhere else and installed SPT AKI there.

    The mod apparently sets up registry keys to recognize the game. I guess that buttong to remove registry keys is to remove those (only from the mod, I hope). However, pushing that button didn't help. Maybe a PC restart?

    EDIT: Weird.. I tried it multiple times to enter the path of the copied directory into the launcher settings, without success. But after the fith try it suddenly worked.

  • I got this to work by doing the following:

    Official Tarkov updated to and play an online game once (you dont have to survive)

    Create a new folder (mine is named SPT-AKI) that is not located in Program Files or Program Files (x86) (eg: D:\Games\SPT-AKI)

    Copy contents of EFT (live) folder to new folder

    Right-click on folder and uncheck "Read Only" click OK or Apply and Windows should prompt you with a window asking if you'd like to "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files". Click OK and windows will do it thing.

    Download the latest AKI Patcher and place files into SPT-AKI folder where the EscapefromTarkov.exe is located.

    Run patcher as Admin and follow cmd window instructions

    Download SPT-AKI 1.01 and copy download contents to SPT-AKI overwriting if prompted.

    I think its the Read-Only setting for the folder that you create for where you copy the latest EFT (live) files to that is causing the issue.

    At one point the patcher (I think it was the patcher) deleted a large portion of the EFT files from the new folder but I could still run the game, but it sat at the screen where it would normally say Loading Profile etc etc.

  • Fix please, he crashed on start

  • Don't worked on

    • I was able to get it to work by starting over from scratch, completely delete the existing aki folder that i had and start the install process over.

      1.copy and paste tarkov live files

      2.download and run patcher

      3.reinstall aki release

      My game now says it is the right release version, however i cannot get the game to push past selecting bear or usec. It gives me the spin wheel above both factions but wont let me click next or back.

    • It's not worked.

  • used patcher to get to 11661 and my exe in properties says 11661 but when i load it up and everything im stuck on the main page with no buttons and no spinny wheel and in bottom left version still says newest why can i get help?

  • Holy shit you are a life saver!

    I really appreciate you making this.

  • not working for me changes version of exe but when i run it its just endless loading screen and version is newer in bottom left hand corner

  • i was running old patcher.

    updated my eft, copied eft live into new folder, download patcher, run patcher but its not working.

    when i run exe it says could not find


    • Got it working, downloaded patcher to separate folder copied into aki folder.

      Sorry, thanks for the update!

  • Hey peps

    I´am still using in the "live" version because I only have been playing single player for a while, now once I run the live version it will update the game to the 11661 right?

    Any way I can just update to the 11565?

    • Hey.

      Yep, as soon as you log in to your launcher, EFT wants to update.
      As far as I know, there´s no option to choose the version.

      Anyway ... if SOMEONE should upload his 12.9. for any reason whatsoever...
      wouldn´t this be an option for us already-updated people to play again - at least till AKI 8 is good2go!?!

    • Well maybe just got a "fix" for my problem.

      After some "goggling" found this;

      in the BSGLauncher / temp folder we should have a EftClientUpdate folder [1.10GB]

      Going to try to manual copy the files to the live folder and see what happens.

      EDIT: Didnt work, still showing as 12.9.10532

      Next option;

      If you open the launcher temp you will see one folder marked: 0.12.9.*** - and several .upd files for other versions. [not folders, just .upd files.

      Once you hit update on the live BSGLauncher you will se a new file .upd being created marked as ***.11661.

      DO NOT STOP THE LAUNCHER and DELETE the new file created on temp folder.

      You should get a error saying it cannot update to that version **11661, the game should auto repair the game live folder and only install the only available update in the folder 11565.

      It´s a long shot but should work, now waiting for the "repair" option and it´s "more than one hour" .... thanks Nikita.....

      PS. Turn OFF automatic updates on the launcher, that way you can monitor what folders you have on the temp folder and what the launcher will update to.

      Again still testing this stuff not sure it will work.

      I´am updating this as soon the repair is done.


      No luck... maybe in a few months I´am able to play SP again. :frowning_face:

    • Edit: Nevermind

  • hi,

    are you by any chance already planing on an update to downgrade from, once A8 final is released?

    I was stupid enough to upgrade official today before I realized A8 will only be available for

    • same over here!

      ... a few moments earlier, I was enjoying the x-mas edition I learned to love over the past few months ... got an error ...

      thought, I might as well update, since I had to wipe either way ... :loudly_crying_face:


  • @waffle.lord, how long do you think until there will be a version to go from 12.10 to 12.9?

    • There won't be. The patch set is simply too large. You will want to wait for AKI 8 to release.

      See my reply to 79_VORNREZ_79 for additional details.

  • This does not put a smile on my face lolipanic

    Due to some stupid windows update , my computer is complete broken , so i have to re-install it , just to realise that the game update to the new version . Existence is pain ...

  • Not working on EFT Please update.

    • Sadly, 12.10 patch set is far too large. 8Gb Compressed, 14Gb total.

      The version change from 12.9 to 12.10 just has too many changes. You will have to wait for the next stable release or use bleeding edge if you're brave enough.

      Just know, bleeding edge doesn't have support and may not work at all depending on how far into it's development it is.