W.M. Ammunition and Weaponry 1.3.0

BACKUP 0.12.10.(2).12102

Add in new exotic ammo types and weaponry to the game.

This is the first time i actually touch javascript and i have litteraly no experience in coding, i'll try to keep the mod up to date with new AKI release and add in as many new content as i can within my own limit.

This mod will include a wide variety of ammo for most weapons in the game, all of them actually.

It will also include new weapons ( config tweaked vanilla models ) with different chambering or fire mods or even special barrels/whatever.

All ammunition types and weapons are ( for now ) only available in the Flea market, a custom trader will be implemented for it, or they will be added to an already existing trading depending on how it goes.


  • Version 1.3.0

    - Added M4A1-R 5.45x39 Rifle
    - Added RPK-15, RPK-19 and RPK-300 ( .300AAC RPK )
    - Added 2 AK type magazine for .300AAC ammo
    - Added drum magazine for 5.56x45 AKs
    - Fixed IMBEL MD-97 recoil values

  • Version 1.2.0

    - Added .45ACP High Velocity HP and AP ammo

    - Added 12.7x55 LP supersonic ammo

    - Added .300AAC subsonic ammo

    - Added Glock 21/21 Automatic with Glock .45 barrels and magazines ( TDI Kriss mags )

    - Added DT MDR Prototype Modified Weapon Mk1 and Mk2 ( MDR PMW ingame name )
    - Added 7.62x51 DUDS compatibility to all 7.62x51 bolt action rifles

  • Version 1.1.0

    - Added Norinco SVD-308, SVD-308 magazines and SVD-308 barrel, barrel has compatibility with other 7.62x51 muzzle accessories.
    - Added IMBEL M97, Imbel 5.56x45 magazines and Imbel 5.56x45 barrel, barrel has compatibility with other5.56x45 muzzle accessories.
    - Added 23x75 Explosive rounds.
    - Modified 12gauge HE round config a bit, now the explosion will happen on impact no matter the range and will give concusion to those hit by it.

  • Version 1.0.0

    - 7.62x51, 7.62x54r and .338 Lapua Magnum DU added
    - 12/70 Explosive round
    - Saiga 12 Automatic shotgun added

  • plz update to 1.0

  • Please update to 1.1

  • Is this mod going to be updated

  • Just a heads up, your .308 Depleted Uranium ap round does more damage than the 7.26x54r DUAP