CoD MW - Mil-Sim: CTSFO I 1.0.1

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bunch of new gear

Adds Mil-Sim: CTSFO I operator from CoD MW with:

  • Brand new pants
  • Retexture of stock combatshirt and hands in matching CTSFO I theme
  • Armored rig
  • Balaclava
  • 2 versions of goggles: the one that can be worn in the eyewear and the dummy that attaches to the helmet.
  • Helmet
    • Headset
    • Battery pouch
    • MS-2000 strobe



  • Can someone please help with how to get these please? I'm using AKI1.5.1 and have the clothes but can't get any of the gear items

  • cant find the helmet, vest, ect..

    • This might not be super helpful, but I just managed to get the helmet and balaclava from my scav case in the hideout

  • can u make more of these plz?

  • How I can set the whole set to tier 5 or tier 6 class armor please ?

    • go to: SamSWAT-CoDMW_CTSFO1\db\items and open one of the .json files. Then scroll down and change this parameter 9Fz6Ozf.png

    • Thanks you super very much, gonna try it.

  • who sells the body armor and helmet?

    • i switched to b4 from a newer version and couldnt find it

  • Can only find the clothing and not the gear

  • Any new items since the R7 launch?

    • Uhhh, no. I've already ported everything this set had. Except for the upper body but that's another story.

  • Clothing is showing in ragman and can be bought/worn, however none of the equipment can be bought and gives an error when purchasing .

    • Seems fine on my side. What kind of error appears? What other mods do you have installed besides mine?

    • I am not running any mods other than this and the Crye Airframe mod. But the error the console gives me is " Cannot read property 'Foldable' of undefined . I am also running B3 .

    • that's what I am getting too

    • I've switched to B4 and the problem seems to be fixed

    • whats b4?